When it comes to NYC they are best in making the steaks as compare to other cities. From cheese steaks to high grilled steaks they serve each and everything with good taste and quantity. However there are several steak houses in NYC but the best steak in nyc are Porter House Bar And Grill, Sparks Steak House and Keens Steak House. These 3 top the list of steaks in new york city, these three points are very attracting towards the tourists and for the citizens of new york as they have great taste and their meats are freshly cooked.


 When it comes to the taste and quantity the porter house never disappoints. Their meats are freshly cooked and has a great taste as compare to others, the steaks are juicy as hell and was served with the sidelines like potatoes and bacon with their special made sauce for their customers so that they never forget the idealistic taste of their steak, and visit again with their family. The first class service has been provided to the porters customers with grand wines, and traditional and trendy cuts of beef. You can also ask for tables by the window, and call for a towering stack of those buttermilk onion rings, which is hoisted to the table on a silver salver, with a pot of red-wine sauce mingled with fatty bits of bone marrow on the side. LOCATION: 10 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10019, USA


In our humble, highly subjective opinion, the signature $55 prime sirloin at this venerable midtown joint is the best single cut of beef in the city. Order it at the bar before the dinner rush, while watching the first pitches of the Yankees game, with a goblet of inky red wine from the restaurant’s impressive cellar, and you’ll feel the rumbling, beefeater ghosts of the city — from Paulie Castellano down to the great Diamond Jim Brady himself — rising up all around you. Their sidelines are beyond expectations which really has a good taste and the quality of the meat is included in best steak in nyc. LOCATION: 210 E 46th St, New York, NY 10017, USA


No chophouse in the city (and therefore the country) has a stronger pedigree, and none exudes a more pleasingly funky sense of old-fashioned charm. With apologies to mutton-chop lovers everywhere, the dish to get is the imposing “King’s Cut” rib chop, preferably on a snowy winter’s afternoon, in the pub room, by the gently guttering fire. The ceiling and walls are hung with tobacco pipes, some from such long-ago Keens regulars as Babe Ruth, J.P. Morgan and Teddy Roosevelt. Even in these nonsmoking days, you can catch a whiff of the restaurant’s 120-plus years of history. Beveled-glass doors, two working fireplaces and a forest’s worth of dark wood suggest a time when “Diamond Jim” Brady piled his table with bushels of oysters, slabs of seared beef and troughs of ale. The menu still includes the steakhouse’s legendary three-inch-thick mutton chop, which are really good in taste. LOCATION: 72 W 36th St, New York, NY 10018, USA

When your are buying a steak. You are actively looking for something different and unique. And the above mentioned steak houses are the best for taste, quality and quantity, thousands of people are visiting these steak houses, they are not only famous for their steaks but also serves the great mutton ribs with different sauces which makes them crazy, the mutton is freshly cooked and served with side potatoes and bacons with juicy lime sauces around it. If you are a food lover then it’s a must go sign for you.


When it comes to steak it should be at a reasonable price with a juicy taste which makes you come again, sauces should be priority then secondly a good wine makes a great gesture. People enjoy their steak with red wine a lot, the taste becomes outrageous. The environment also plays a vital role while eating as the best steak in nyc has the best environment.

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