• Summer 2010 PSP Official Visit – Video of In Progress Work
  • This video describes the work in progress that Practical Small Projects is implementing in Mali, West Africa. For the past 6 years PSP has been increasing health, education and income generating opportunities through the provision of potable water, basic infrastructure and solar electricity. In this video we go to the village of Diban to see the work in progress for the 2010 Addax Foundation Grant. We re-visit Meridiela to see the projects completed from last year’s grant. Then we travel to Damana (funding provided by Roots and Shoots at Central Middle School), Dogo (private donors), and Bougoula (funding provided by the Gigliotti Family) to see the past work and what needs to be done in the future.

  • Summer 2010 “in-progress” Promo video in-progress
  • A promo video is currently in post production with editor Brett Goldberg, to showcase all the hard work being done for the 2010 season through PSP in Mali.  This video will highlight all the work in-progress that was filmed in June, focusing on the Addax grant of this season.  There will be included a revisit of Meridiela, Addax’s grant village of last year.  Also visited are the villages of Bougoula, Dogo and Damana which are funded by private donors.

  • Village of Damana – (PSP official visit June 2010)
  • A wonderful private American donor, Central Middle School Roots and Shoots, gifted the installation of a well for the village of Damana.  During our visit, the children were just getting out of school and ran over to the well to greet us.  There was a storm brewing so we couldn’t stay too long.  It was wonderful to see this well in close proximity to the school and near the town for full accessibility to the water.  Having a clean well that reaches the water table is one of PSPs primary goals for a village.  Without clean water, good heath cannot be guaranteed. Once basic health needs such as access to drinking water are met, the villagers can begin to develop and secure their futures.   During our visit we also accessed the other major projects needed for the village. We hope that we can continue to provide support to this village.  Some of the future needs include a solar powered well pump and tap system, as well as a solar lighting installation for the school so that children can do homework at night and adult education classes can take place.

    Damana - Well Complete

    Damana - Well Complete

  • Village of Diban – Addax Grant Project (PSP official visit June 2010)
  • This year the Addax Petroleum Foundation continued its support by funding projects in the village of Diban.  A solar powered fridge and a lighting installation on multiple buildings of the health center are among some of the projects to aid the village.  During the overnight stay in the village of Diban, the team of Afriq Power continued to work and make additional improvements on the health center by painting the facility.  In painting the health center not only does it look better but the walls are washed and cleaned, thereby improving the sanitation conditions.  The school director’s office was under construction and the team from Ji Duma was there and continued to work during the visit.  All the materials to rehabilitate the various school buildings had also arrived.  The highlight of the village stay was at night when there was a projector screening of sanitation videos for the villagers.  This drew a large crowd as the children, followed by the parents and then the teenagers of the village, gathered to watch.  The videos shown were very educational, but also had an element of humor to them so they were fun to watch and everyone seemed to enjoy them.  It was a great overnight visit to see the in-progress work. It is clear that the projects are all on their way to completion thanks to the Addax Petroleum Foundation’s support.

  • Passing thru Dogo (PSP official visit – June 2010)
  • Our group was able to pass through Dogo a few times and see the lighting installation completed on the two health center buildings.  Passing through during the day, we were happy to talk to both the nurse and doctor.  They were very appreciative of the installation and were doing a good job of managing the center.  Our overnight stay was in the village of Diban, which isn’t too far from Dogo.  After sunset the group from Ji Duma wanted to get some food in Dogo as there is a good butcher there.  In returning to Dogo at night we passed the well lighted heath center.  One of the assistants ran out to us as we passed thanking us again for the lighting installation.  They were treating an accident, and though thankfully it wasn’t too serious, he said they would be lost without the lights because it is pitch black in the village.

  • Revisit to Meridiela – Addax Grant 2009 (PSP official visit June 2010)
  • Upon arrival to Meridiela we could see all the lights working in the maternity and in the school.  The team noticed some basic maintenance needed on the water tower that they plan to work on during their next visit.  Noticing this planned repair on one of the return visits to the village demonstrates again why PSP feels it is so important to work with the local businesses of Ji Duma and Afriq Power.  Working with local business makes the projects implemented sustainable because they can be checked on regularly and the villagers have someone local they can contact if there is a problem.  We were glad to see all the projects implemented last year are in place and are clearly making a difference for the local villagers” living conditions, again thanks to Addax’s support.

  • Revisit to Bougoula – (PSP Official Visit June 2010)
  • Through the generous support of the Gigliotti family a solar lighted maternity is in place in the village of Bougoula.  It was wonderful to see that since the donations of the Gigliotti family, a few Italian funders came together and contributed to the installation of a solar powered pump and well.  This well is in place right next to the maternity and connects to 2 tap systems that are both inside and outside the maternity.  The tap outside the maternity is for the local villagers to use, and the inside tap is critical for the overall sanitation and health conditions when procedures are performed.  Another improvement to the stability of the maternity was the completion of the midwife’s house, which was built right behind the maternity.  A solar installation was also completed on the midwife’s home. This home for the midwife creates an incentive for her to stay in this village and continue to provide services to the village.  This important project is considered crucial to PSP to implement just like the school director’s home is important with the Addax project in Diban.  Each project that is implemented supports the other projects in the village, thus fostering sustainability.  It was wonderful to visit Bougoula again and see all this progress in place.

  • PSP’s Official Visit to Mali – June 2010 – Intro
  • Practical Small Projects sends Karen Heston of GenerateChange.tv to Mali, West Africa to document the work-in-progress commissioned by the grants and personal donations for this year.  In addition, the projects completed last year will be revisited this year to see their progression and value added to the village.

  • PSP gets exposure from Voice of America
  • [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/9357026[/vimeo]

    Mary Graham is interviewed by Voice of America in Washington, D.C. this past fall.  More press means more people finding out about all of the great work PSP helps facilitate in Mali.

  • PSP recieves a GRANT !!
  • All of PSP’s hard work in collaboration with Ji Duma and Afriq Power last year, has paid off at the start of this year.  The promo video and website provided by Generate.Change., documenting the work done by last year’s grant from Addax Petroleum, has helped prove the validity and difference such a grant can bring.  This grant will ensure continued work in Meridiela and make the progress accomplished sustainable, as well as begin to reach and help change the conditions in another rural Malian village.  Please visit again for new updates on this development.  :)

    Special Thanks to Tony Costello of www.olletsoc.com for making this website possible, and Brett Goldberg for editing the PSP Promo Video.  Without the support of our friends at Generate.Change. we would not be able to showcase the hard work done in Mali and help aid such a grant to be gifted.

    GO PSP!!!