• Village of Diban – Addax Grant Project (PSP official visit June 2010)
  • This year the Addax Petroleum Foundation continued its support by funding projects in the village of Diban.  A solar powered fridge and a lighting installation on multiple buildings of the health center are among some of the projects to aid the village.  During the overnight stay in the village of Diban, the team of Afriq Power continued to work and make additional improvements on the health center by painting the facility.  In painting the health center not only does it look better but the walls are washed and cleaned, thereby improving the sanitation conditions.  The school director’s office was under construction and the team from Ji Duma was there and continued to work during the visit.  All the materials to rehabilitate the various school buildings had also arrived.  The highlight of the village stay was at night when there was a projector screening of sanitation videos for the villagers.  This drew a large crowd as the children, followed by the parents and then the teenagers of the village, gathered to watch.  The videos shown were very educational, but also had an element of humor to them so they were fun to watch and everyone seemed to enjoy them.  It was a great overnight visit to see the in-progress work. It is clear that the projects are all on their way to completion thanks to the Addax Petroleum Foundation’s support.

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