• Passing thru Dogo (PSP official visit – June 2010)
  • Our group was able to pass through Dogo a few times and see the lighting installation completed on the two health center buildings.  Passing through during the day, we were happy to talk to both the nurse and doctor.  They were very appreciative of the installation and were doing a good job of managing the center.  Our overnight stay was in the village of Diban, which isn’t too far from Dogo.  After sunset the group from Ji Duma wanted to get some food in Dogo as there is a good butcher there.  In returning to Dogo at night we passed the well lighted heath center.  One of the assistants ran out to us as we passed thanking us again for the lighting installation.  They were treating an accident, and though thankfully it wasn’t too serious, he said they would be lost without the lights because it is pitch black in the village.

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