• Revisit to Bougoula – (PSP Official Visit June 2010)
  • Through the generous support of the Gigliotti family a solar lighted maternity is in place in the village of Bougoula.  It was wonderful to see that since the donations of the Gigliotti family, a few Italian funders came together and contributed to the installation of a solar powered pump and well.  This well is in place right next to the maternity and connects to 2 tap systems that are both inside and outside the maternity.  The tap outside the maternity is for the local villagers to use, and the inside tap is critical for the overall sanitation and health conditions when procedures are performed.  Another improvement to the stability of the maternity was the completion of the midwife’s house, which was built right behind the maternity.  A solar installation was also completed on the midwife’s home. This home for the midwife creates an incentive for her to stay in this village and continue to provide services to the village.  This important project is considered crucial to PSP to implement just like the school director’s home is important with the Addax project in Diban.  Each project that is implemented supports the other projects in the village, thus fostering sustainability.  It was wonderful to visit Bougoula again and see all this progress in place.

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