• PSP recieves a GRANT !!
  • All of PSP’s hard work in collaboration with Ji Duma and Afriq Power last year, has paid off at the start of this year.  The promo video and website provided by Generate.Change., documenting the work done by last year’s grant from Addax Petroleum, has helped prove the validity and difference such a grant can bring.  This grant will ensure continued work in Meridiela and make the progress accomplished sustainable, as well as begin to reach and help change the conditions in another rural Malian village.  Please visit again for new updates on this development.  :)

    Special Thanks to Tony Costello of www.olletsoc.com for making this website possible, and Brett Goldberg for editing the PSP Promo Video.  Without the support of our friends at Generate.Change. we would not be able to showcase the hard work done in Mali and help aid such a grant to be gifted.

    GO PSP!!!

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