• Mali – Village of Bougoula – Maternity
  • The village of Bougoula is located off a paved road, 210km south of Bamako.  It is in the village of Bougoula where we find the privately funded Maternity building (i.e., a six room health clinic where women give birth and where the pharmacy is located) and where we are documenting this completed construction project.  As we arrive, we meet with the Chief of the village, Mossa Kone, and he shows us how proud he is that the villagers here have a wonderful structure to use that was desperately needed.  The building looks lovely and there is word that many traveling by on the road have stopped to look at it, including travelers from as far away as Cote d’Ivoire.  In addition to the main structure of the Maternity standing with 6 rooms, there is a modest house built just behind it for the head Nurse.  The Nurse’s home is imperative to the stability and proper functioning of the Maternity as the Nurse needs to be nearby and on call. Often maternities are built without this in mind and require the Nurse to travel up to several kilometers in order to reach the Maternity. The lack of immediate access to medical personnel is extremely problematic during village emergencies.  In addition to the Maternity and Nurse’s home, there are also latrines built within a few feet of the maternity.  The latrines are very well done, thus ensuring the sanitary condition of the Maternity and easy access to a bathroom for the patients.  


2 Comments on “Mali – Village of Bougoula – Maternity”

  • bette gigliotti // May 9th, 2009 // 10:18 am

    wow this is sooo exciting. i have about 13 people raising money for the next school. keep me up to date

  • admin // May 20th, 2009 // 12:16 am

    It was wonderful to see the completed project Bette! It must be great to see the immediate impact all your fundraising goals have on the community. Way to go! -Best, Karen

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