• Mali – Bamako Office working day
  • Today in the office that both Afriq Power and Ji Duma occupy, the long awaited delivery of the solar panel cells occurs.  Flown in from the U.S., the pallet of cells was held up in Morocco far longer than anticipated as a result of a change in Royal Air Maroc’s plane size. Therefore, Daniel, the head of Afriq Power (the for profit company based in Mali that is hired by PSP to complete solar installations), is busy with his employees building the panels that are currently on backorder.    

One Comment on “Mali – Bamako Office working day”

  • tonjiboy // April 22nd, 2009 // 4:11 pm

    i’d love to see a full video of the solar tech being assembled just to get a sense of the scale of it. don’t forget to show me show me show me! ( a cure reference. i’m hilarious!)

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